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Heres whats going on in Dallas ya'll
This is from baseintelligence!
Enjoy :D

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Nautilis will be releasing his first WIDELY RELEASED full-length called
'Parabolicobia'. Featuring tracks such as 'rochesta' and 'plunder' it will
be released on January 2002. Oh by the way it's coming out on Mu-Ziq's label
Planet Mu!!!

In the mean time (June or Julyish) pick up his untitled 7" single also on
Planet Mu.


Very nice... hear more of Nautilis' "ish".


DONT FORGET e*fest/2001 is THIS SATURDAY (April 21)
Festivites start at 1pm and go until 12am->?

Its gonna be BIG dont miss it.
Nautilis will be doing autographs and pictures there.

Kids 18- Autograph: Free plus free Nautilis 'J902A-VAXWAX' ballon.
Guys 18+ Autographs: $.50
Women 18+ Autographed for Free sign up for a private photograph session.
Seniors 65+ Autographs: $2


>BIG NEWS!!! We have been given permission to rebroadcast The Bruce Wang
Radio Show™ for all American listeners! Check out his two most recent radio
broadcasts. All our international fans will surely recognize this popular
Japanese Radio DJ and electronic music evangelist. Special thanks to Kenji
for making it possible...

>Nautilis demonstrates his vocal chords on two new juicy tunes, 'Let Your
Gaurd Down V2' gets my vote, very slick. Those throat excercises have been
doing him sum good...

>Paranerd wants to know if your shoes are tight enough. Are they?

>Check out apparat's apparatus. Thats a mouthful. No pun intended. Well,
maybe a little bit...

Jon Doe's high quality mixes have been getting airplay on the radio station
Agora FM. Agora FM is located in Grasse near Cannes in France... This shit
is global baby... Jon is the first American artist to be featured on the
program which specializes in d n b, jazz, house, and downtempo. Sounds like
Jon fits right in. Big UP, Mr. Spock and our other international fanatics.



Reaktor - A review by Nautilis

Amon Tobin in Seattle - A review by Unit 3

Download the NEW vesion of Winamp - FINALLY fast forward and rewind


Hospital Records
Following hot on the heels of their soon to be released album 'Plastic
Surgery 2 is Landslide's massive 2 step reworking of London Elektricity's
Round The Corner (out 14th May). Already getting props from EZ to Gilles

Next up will be the follow up to last years Out Patients compilation. This
time Out Patients is a D&B free zone... featuring breakbeat, 2 step and
twisted house all with that special Hospital soulful flavour. Artists
include Audio Montage, Jazztronik, and Les Gammas, as well as Landslide and
London Elektricity. The album is out on the 16th June and will feature a
storming mix by Landslide on the CD version.


Metalheadz forthcoming 12s:

Metalheadz 37 / Rufige Cru / A. Stormtroopa AA. Beachdrifta
Release Date: 30 / 04 / 2001
Metalheadz 38 / Marcus Intalex / A. Universe AA. Loose Control
Release Date: 14 / 05 / 2001
Metalheadz 39 / Total Science / A. Borderline 2000 AA. Jungle Jungle
Release Date: 28 / 05 / 2001
Metalheadz 40 / Future Cut / A. Obsession AA. Tear out my heart
Release Date: 11 / 06 / 2001
Metalheadz 41 / John B / A. Up All Night AA. Take Control
Release Date: 25 / 06 / 2001


Japanese IDM/Braindance artist Nobukazu Takemura has released the
follow-up to his acclaimed 1999 album, Scope, and will put out a second LP
May 29, according to a spokesperson for his U.S. label, Thrill Jockey. Hoshi
No Koe, which came out Tuesday (March 20), combines the tension of the
disorienting digital effects that typified Scope with calm, warm tones and
textures. Sign continues Takemura's Child's View project of minimal bass,
drum and guitar productions. Takemura will be the opening act on Tortoise's
North American tour, which begins May 11 in Cleveland. ...


UNKLE, the recording project of Mo Wax Records head James Lavelle and Rich
File, have released their first new music since the 1998 hit album Psyence
Fiction, which featured DJ Shadow on several tracks. "NarcoTourists," a
collaborative single with the Glasgow, Scotland, duo Slam (Stuart McMillan
and Orde Meikle) was released March 6 on Soma Recordings and includes the
original track plus a remix by each of the artists. Slam will release their
second album this summer.


Check out the dope Roni Size/Reprazent crew interview...


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