I have this song stuck in my head. "Humming" by Portishead. This song makes me feels like everything in my life sucks, don't get me wrong... its a very great song, but it makes me feel happy.... depressed, but happy. Schools out for summer 'yo. I have no idea if I will have money for the fall semester. Money sucks. Its lame-o. Man-load? I had a docs appt. today. Turns out I had ta reschedule b/c there were certain tests I had to take but there was something that was preventing me from taking them today. So I have to wait til next Monday to find out anything. Which is the whole reason I went. That also sucks. And It also sucks b/c I dont know if I will be able to make it back up to the doctors office. SUCKS!

In othere aspects of my life... I was planning on moving out on my own b/c my roommates are really starting to get to me. But it also turns out that I may have to get anothere job. And there have been a whole lotta layoffs in the area. So what are the chances of me finding a job. Ohhhhh thats all for now. I think everyone should check out what Lane is doing.