hey people, i have been sick lately. The sn?es, headaches and such. But yeah, its all good too cause, yes, since my last entry here, I HAVE MOVED out of that dreaded place, with my sucky roommates. Huh, I left with one of them owing me some money. And he has not paid me back, and I really need it cause I. like everyone else at that damnin company, lost my job! And he has no intentions of paying me back, even though I have told him of my situation. Last I heard of him, he is in jail. I guess I'm gettin nothing from him.

The PC is dead. I can not get into the Dan and Scott chat room to find out anything else. Eli called me with the horrible news. What am I supposed to do now, I mean that was one thing that kept me sane in this world. Oh well, I have not talked to 'G' since uhh, I don't know. I have been talking to one guy, I don't want to expose his name here. I wonder if I can stream my web cam here well maybe at least the home made porn.... But Thetas all cause e I can not see what I am writing , don't know what's wrong with this darn scroll bar. So later people