So everyone go out today and buy a copy of Solex Pick Up, its all in the mind today and not much else but one lousy day. Jeanie asked me if I would give her some money to pay for her bf doctor bill. And why did he have to go to the hospital? Because he got hit by a car! Yes, because the drunk mother-fucker was drunk and threw himself in front of a car.... So yestarday, Jeanie was coming over to my place because she was supposed to be leaving him, for the reason that he is a drinking bastard. But so, I went to meet her, so I could take her to my place. And she never showed up, didn't call me or anything. So I waited for Aaron to come home so we could go to her apartment to check on her. I was not about to go there on my own. No one answers the door. I was worried about her. I called her today at work, and then she has the fucken balls to ask me for money... for her fucken bf whom I do not like at all! She was also going to come over later today, but she called me back and told me she would not be able to make it because he some how escaped from the hospital. She has to go up there to take care of that. What the fuck is she doing???????
That's what you get with people Solex= ELisabeth EsseLink
Like that on cruises Like these...

I won a cruise. I'm on the Loose.
Jump in the pool with lots of booze.
In my bright blue
suits from Taiwan, China.
And bright yellow shirts with my collar spread open.

Pick Up
1999 Matador Records



Mullet Madness